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Do you have heart ?

I mean some burned pieces of a

ambiguous idea?

Does it hurt ?

Does it crave for the rootless moment

of an undimensional time ?

Can you forgive your dreams ?

Don’t they howl?

Don’t they hate you for abandoing them?

Can you sleep in their screamings ?

Don’t they bleed ?

Don’t they suffocate you ?

Can you breathe ?

Don’t they push you to kill yourself ?

Do you walk on streets at night ?

Among those emptied silences ?

Nights are fearless.

You can breath freely.

If you want, nights will tell you their stories.

You have to survive at least.

Dear You

Dear “You” who is delusioned with the stark realities of life.

I agree life is hard and you have suffered so much. Now You don’t dream, You don’t laugh instead You often ask yourself where does your soul go ? Dear You, I won’t ask you why don’t you dream ? Why do you hesitate to laugh whole-heartedly ?And yes I do agree I can’t feel your soul-killing sufferings and I am no one either to console you or judge you. I am also one of “Many You”. 

Dear You, We all are a little broken inside and we won’t discuss about the causes. Life is hard,it kills you until you are broken but You are one of those who have defeated the worst possibilities of Life. I know it’s kinda complicated for You to trust me but look at yourself, you are alive, breathing and hoping for a new dawn. 

Don’t be so hard to yourself, I know it’s tough to gather all broken-pieces of your shattered mind and hope for  new rays of life. I know it’s tough to respond and act whenever your well-wishers advice you “be strong, stay motivated,smile,see the positivity ” I know life is hard and you have gone through so much. Still have you ever thought to go back your old days and see ?

Keep faith and look back once my dear “You”. I agree to go back in the past is not that fruitful idea and we have been always told not to look back and keep moving forward always.. But take a look on yourself,on your days. Yes it takes courages and determination to look back. But ask yourself, you are not that cowardish to ignore those harsh realities and bitter experiences of life. Go back once and see how those painstaking moments, those jeopardised decisions, those insults,those shattered moments have helped you to find yourself. And today you are standing,facing the world and hoping to breath freely.

Hardships make life meaningful and You are a selective warrior of this Universe. You have conquered battles,conquered negativity, You cried, fought against the stormy battles inside your head. You were shattered but You are a survivor. You are a fighter my dear You. Come out from this zone,see yourself and stand. You deserve to live, You deserve to smile, You deserve peace…

That One Friend……

“Friendship” the integral part of our life,most genuine and selfless relation anyone can have in this world. Some people have so many friends when some are happily satisfied with a few circle of friends. I am one of them.So on this world-wide celebration of friendship day I want to thank and wish a happy friendship day to my  friend who never fails to understand me. 
   With the digitalization of society some relationships are losing the attachment of emotions. Friendship is now confined into tagging in memes,into tweet, into likes of facebook post etc etc. But luckily our friendship is out of this zone..

A friend is someone who can bear your 2am madness. A friend is someone who can see your cloudy eyes and can feel the granite of your heart. A friend is someone who instructs you when you are clueless. A friend is someone who is always ready to give you immense freedom whenever you feel you need some space of your own. A friend is someone who is always ready to meticulously check your every judgement and if needed he/she will correct you without any hesitation.

Well, all these beautiful definitions of friendships are only possible with your “that one friend” with whom your friendship has not started just because of your mutual place,mutual college and mutual language 

My friendship with my “that one friend” has started when I was lonley,depressed and tired with this world. My “that one friend” has come into my life when I tried to escape from my own shadow too. 

“That one friend” doesn’t need to talk to you everyday, doesn’t need to tag you in every meme,doesn’t need to like your social media post though eventually “that one friend”does. But “that one friend” offers an immense possibility to speak up of your mind,to speak of your every delusion. “That one friend” always understands.

P.S- Shweta, you are my “that one friend”. Wishing you a very happy friendship day buddy. Thanks for tolerating me.


Because its all about those 

suffocated feelings

turn into ashes,

waiting for a wave

to absorb in the universe.

Because its all about those 
unspoken fears,

making a soul-killing volcano,

inside of  my heart,

to take away my sense of living.

Because its all about those
unfulfilled dreams,

creating a sea of screams,

making  me a helpless sailor

not to dream for rainbows.

Because its all about those 

burned pieces of me,

trying to be unknown to the wind,

again to create me.

Because I am a Pheonix 

And a Pheonix never dies.